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Iran Flag


Persian Flags are Customisable, High-Quality and Portable

There are many different reasons you may need to express patriotism for or association with the country of Iran. Make Middle Eastern guests feel welcome, or give guests a better understanding of the goods and services to expect from your establishment or event. We offer high-quality store flags honouring Iran that you can display indoors or outdoors to greet your visitors.

Our Persian flags feature the traditional green, white and red colour stripes with the red emblem in the middle. The quality sublimated dye used for printing displays each colour accurately and will not change or fade with exposure to sunlight. This allows passers-by to easily identify the single-sided flag and the country it belongs to.

BannerBuzz patriotic flags come with several customisation options for display in the manner best suited to your needs. There are three sizes available, allowing you to select the right size. Select between pole pockets or metal grommets, as well as whether to install them at the top or left side of the pole pocket flag, as desired.

The Iran flags are light and portable at just 90 grams per square meter (GSM). You can set up, carry and store the flags easily whenever necessary. Versatile and reusable, you can move and relocate the flags as you see fit for a sound return on investment.

Iran Flags are Ready to Use and Easy to Order

Pre-printed, our patriotic flags already have their graphics and finishes installed on the fabric as you receive them out of the box. Just hang the flags from the poles or hardware of your choice for proper display. You do not need to modify the flags further, so you save time and effort in showing your support for Iran as quickly as possible.

Each store flag has an easy ordering process and will be sent directly to your location. Choose between fast sHIPping to save time or economic sHIPping for cost-effectiveness.

Persian Flags are Eligible for Bulk Ordering

If you are looking to buy more than one custom flag, you can take advantage of bulk order discounts. Each flag will receive a reduction in costs based on how many flags you order. BannerBuzz flags orders are structured to meet the needs of various state and government authorities, business entities, retail shops and homes, with order quantities ranging from as low as 2 to over 500, so you can save no matter what your requirements.

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