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Magnetic Car Signs

Magnetic Car Signs


Vehicle magnetics signs can be made in any size, allowing businesses the flexibility

  • Various sizes from small door magnets to large truck magnets
  • Easy to apply and remove
  • Durable enough to withstand many weather elements

Ensure your company gets noticed everywhere by getting your magnetic van signs designed at reasonable prices!

Magnetic van signs serve as a great alternative to the traditional ways of marketing; you can simply drive your car around and advertise your offerings to hundreds and maybe thousands of people each day!

These magnetic car signs turn your car into a mobile marketing tool and the best part is that you don't need to go to a body shop to get these magnetic vehicle signs removed or replaced, rather you can simply do it yourself.

Place these magnetic car signs on the sides of the doors, on the hood, on the rear or upfront on the side of the windshield for maximum visibility to attract potential customers and create awareness.

There are practically no limitations to creativity when it comes to placing these magnetic vehicle signs, after all being unique pays off in the world of marketing!

Attractive and Durable Magnetic Car Signs from BannerBuzz Are Long Lasting and Wear-Resistant

0.7mm thick and white in the background, these car magnets are digitally printed at BannerBuzz to create an eye-catching and appealing sign. You don't need to remove these magnetic signs when it is raining or the weather is harsh, these are wear-resistant and long lasting. Having printed a number of magnetic car signs for corporate and business clients, we never compromise on quality and reliability of our products!

Want Your Car Magnets Custom Made? Send Us Your Ideas and Get Them Delivered Fast At BannerBuzz

BannerBuzz UK has a wide variety of pre-designed templates you can go for, or you can simply visit our website to have us design your car door magnets just the way you want! Doesn't matter what sort of design or colors, there is no sign we can't print!

These van magnets are also safe and easy to use, this means you won't get to see that layer of paint coming off every time you take them off, instead you can take them off easily and reuse them without any hassles.

  • You can visit our website to check out our wide range of pre-designed templates and adjust your image, placement of text, your company logo just like you want and we'll have your magnetic vehicle signs designed in no time!
  • Our innovative online design tool takes customization to a different level. You can create your very own, personalized magnetic van signs infused with your creativity and approach towards attracting potential customers!

At BannerBuzz we guarantee you high quality magnetic van signs at unmatchable rates! Contact us to have your van magnets designed today!