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Magnetic Signs

Magnetic Signs


Portable Advertising that is Quick and Easy

  • Heavy duty durable Magnets for longer life
  • Multiple application from Refrigerator to Safety signs, Cars and Trucks
  • Reflective " Your sign is produced using an engineer grade 7mil, 3m vinyl film. When light hits the material it reflects, drawing attention to your sign. Options also available for night time visibility

A Moving Promotion for Your Business

Ever wondered how amazing it would be to have a moving advertisement banner for your business? One that will promote your business beyond the boundaries of one area or location! That is exactly what'stom magnetic signs can offer. Magnetic signs are small yet highly powerful marketing tools that can convey your message to hundreds of prospects and customers within a matter of hours. Realizing the potential of these little magic things, BannerBuzz brings you the most reliable and cost-effective sign printing service you can ask for.

Car door magnets offer great opportunity to promote your business. They are cost-effective, compact, and removable. Therefore, they give you a flexibility you can't find anywhere else. They make for a perfect choice for businesses like car rentals and taxi companies. They are also nice giveaways for tradeshow visitors.

High Quality Print and Material

At BannerBuzz, we understand the difference small things can bring about in your marketing campaigns. Being in this business for years, we know exactly what our customers are looking for both in terms of quality and cost. And that is why we when it comes to car magnets, we make sure the quality is just as good as it is for our huge banners. We use the most eco-friendly material in print and products. The magnetic sheet we use in our magnetic signs is of the highest quality. It will stay intact as long as you want, and can be removed without leaving any mark behind.

We use eco-friendly printing ink that stays vibrant and bright even in the face of weather extremities. Just like a great vehicle, the colours will go miles with you. That is what makes our material and print perfect for truck signs.

Simplifying the Whole Printing Process for You

We want to take care of all your custom magnetic signs related hassles. That is why we have created BannerBuzz as an online platform that allows you to create and order your car door magnets within a matter of minutes. If you have a design of your own, no matter how colorful or complicated, we'll get it printed for you. All you need to do is to upload your magnets design, specific the number of prints you want, along with the dimensions and we'll get your signs printed within the shortest.

If you don't have a design and you want to create one, you don't have to do it from the scratch anymore. Use our online customization tool and create car magnets using our creative templates. Once you have specified the size and number of magnets you want, you will receive a quote calculated then and there.

Trucks signs or magnet for your taxi fleet, we promise the most satisfying printing job along with the shortest turnaround and the most competitive rates. Plus, we have some irresistible discounts on bulk orders.

So, put your promotions in the next gear and get more leads with BannerBuzz.