Magnetic Stickers

Magnetic Stickers


Advertising on the Go with Magnetic Stickers

  • Design to withstand harshest weather condition
  • Best alternative of regular stickers as easily removable and doesn't harm paint
  • Custom sizes and many templates to choose from

Extend the Market Reach of Your Brand and Your Business through the Personalized Magnetic Car Stickers and Magnetic Bumper Stickers from BannerBuzz UK

BannerBuzz UK brings to you highly customizable magnetic stickers, allowing you to increase the awareness about your company in the market.Our stickers are highly customizable, yet affordable, and are available ready for use.

Our custom designed magnetic car stickers and magnetic bumper stickers can help you increase your sales by reaching out to a larger audience.

The Custom Option

We, at BannerBuzz UK, let you design your very own, personalized magnetic stickers. We provide an online tool that you can use to upload your own artwork to create the magnetic car stickers that you want.Alternatively, you can let us design your magnetic bumper stickers for you.Our custom sized magnetic stickers are 0.5MM thick, have a white background, and are available with a 100% quality guarantee.

The Magnetic Advantage

Here at BannerBuzz UK, we are committed to providing you with the highest quality in magnetic signsat the best possible prices, including Grommets and Hem/Stitch Finish.Our focus on excellence allows you to avail completely the benefits offered by magnetic stickers:

  • You can use magnetic car signsto display your company's logo on your vehicle(s) in order to enhance the visibility of your brand, your products, and your services.
  • Customized magnetic bumper stickers allow you to display your contact information on your vehicles so that your customers and clients can easily get in touch with you.
  • They allow you to market and promote your business at nigh insignificant costs to a large and diversified audience as your vehicles around the town or city.

The Buzz Factor

BannerBuzz UK employs a team of qualified and professional experts that uses cutting edge computer technology to custom design the stickers you require according to your particular needs and requirements. We offer free design proofs as well as a best price guarantee, in addition to our 100% quality guarantee.

Furthermore, our customer support service is available around the clock, seven days a week, staying in constant contact with you from design choice to final application.The extensive communication ensures that we not only meet, but exceed your satisfactions, allowing us to maintain our reputation as the purveyors of high quality stickers at extremely competitive prices.

To get your personalized stickers, or for any further information you require, please do get in touch with us.