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Maintain a Safe Distance Window Clings


Window Clings are Durable, High-Quality and Customisable

Your office spaces, and retail establishments may receive crowds in certain areas. During public health events, certain recommended measures help to protect employees and customers. Promote the practice of social distancing with Maintain Safe Distance signs, encouraging people to keep space between each other. This helps to prevent the spread of illness, reducing downtime and keeping customers and workers safe.

Static window clings comprise PVC that's durable and long-lasting. With a thickness of 150 ±10 µ m and 190 GSM graphic weight, the material maintains integrity for prolonged periods of the display.

Maintain Safe Distance signs to communicate a clear message with crisp 600 DPI printing. This process creates clear, comprehensible images and legible texts. Bright colours gain the attention of passers-by, helping them to keep safety in mind.

BannerBuzz offers customisation options to make these opaque window clings just right for your business. Choose from the available size options or request measurements of your own specification. Give Special Instructions to add any further personalising touches.

Maintain a Safe Distance Signs Provide Privacy and Are Easy to Install

Installing the static window clings takes only a short time, so you can begin reinforcing safe practices sooner. The process requires no adhesive, and the clings attach to glass with just their static electricity. The decals come with a squeegee tool to apply consistent pressure to the material, removing creases and air bubbles.

Our opaque window clings block out light and reduce visibility to those looking through the glass. This lets them serve a double purpose: communicating important messages and adding a layer of privacy. Put the decals up on glass panes in the doors of conference rooms or on the windows of executive suites.

Window Clings are Ready-to-Use

Maintain safe distance signs arrive at your place of business fully printed and ready for putting on display. An already-designed graphic reduces your own time, expense and effort. You can choose to display immediately upon delivery.

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