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Matte Banners


Premium-Quality Matte Banners are Durable and Customisable

Your business may seek methods for advertising and communicating relevant information to existing and potential clients. Printed vinyl banners are ideal for indoor and outdoor applications, such as commercial fairs and promotional events. They can reliably unlock countless sales and patronage opportunities for your business.

Outdoor advertising banners feature sturdy PVC that offers reliable weather resistance and durable strength, ideal for advertising outdoors. The banners hold up favourably through snow, rain and sunlight without the quality being affected. Durability facilitates long-term service so you can reuse the banners whenever necessary to reduce your facility's overall advertising expenses.

Full colour 720 DPI printing on our custom vinyl banners delivers crisp, clear graphics with rich colour variations and sharp details for enhanced legibility from a long range. The matte finish enables the banners to absorb light, thus maintaining a highly visible and visually appealing look, even under intense sunlight. High-quality print on the banners easily attracts customer attention to your business and conveys your message in a way that is easy to read.

Various customisation and upgrade options are available for premium matte banners, depending on your brand's unique requirements. Various sizes, including custom sizes, are on offer to accommodate small and large enterprises. Options to order accessories such as pole and wall brackets and zip ties facilitate convenient installation. Customisation allows you to design unique banners for your marketing campaign.

Custom Vinyl Banners are Portable and Eco-Friendly

Eco-solvent printing on the outdoor advertising banners involves a low-energy consumption curing process and non-toxic ink components for environmental and user safety. Compliant with OSHA regulations for safety and security, the environmentally friendly banners help create a socially responsible image for your business.

Printed vinyl banners are lightweight for easy handling and installation. You can move the banners from one place to another to capture attention where traffic is heavier. Portable banners are ideal to use for multiple events as they are easy to transport and set up in just minutes, thus decreasing the ad spend for your marketing campaign.

Matte Banners Require Simple Maintenance

Maintain the product's appeal for a longer period with simple upkeep. Custom vinyl banners are easy to clean with a damp cloth. Cleaning requires no special detergents or solutions and takes just minutes.

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