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MDF Letters and Numbers

MDF Letters and Numbers


Highlight Marketing Appeal with MDF Letters And Numbers

  • Durable fibreboard resists moisture and will last for a long time.
  • Portable crafts are easy to transport and readjust.
  • Select from various sizes and colours to create custom designs.
  • Mounting hardware makes the installation easy.

Durable and Customisable Wood Letters and Numbers are Lightweight

Woodcraft may help to enhance the design of your business by adding a marketing message to your indoor or outdoor spaces. Our wooden alphabet letters are an ideal choice for making a bold statement that will create a lasting impact on your clients or visitors. As a resale item, the letters have great appeal to crafters, DIY enthusiasts, wedding planners and educators.

Robust and dense, the decorative wood letters are 18 mm or 25 mm thick, so the material will last a long time. These craft items will not expand or contract because of moisture. Their durability eliminates the need for frequent replacement, making them a worthy investment.

Customise the style, thickness, and height of these personalised wooden letters to meet your needs. Our online design tool allows you to make adjustments accordingly. You also get to select your mounting hardware, which includes aluminium studs, a paper template and double face tape.

The lightweight structure of these MDF letters and numbers makes them easy to transport to another location as you see fit. You can use these portable crafts at different shows, move them to another office or just readjust them to fit your needs.

MDF Letters and Numbers are Versatile and Easy To Install

Decorative wood letters come with mounting hardware, a paper template and aluminium studs for ease of installation. They are ready to use and only require a few minutes to place on the wall or door.

These personalised wooden letters are a versatile decorative solution that is suitable for both commercial and residential contexts. You can resell them, use them to design messages for your walls or communicate your company’s brand and logo to a wider audience.

Wood Letters and Numbers are Easy to Order

There are several sHIPping alternatives available for wooden alphabet letters. You can choose the best option for you based on your budget and the urgency with which you require the letters or digits. For added convenience, you can opt for the doorstep delivery option.

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