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Metal Asset Tags - Aluminium (Flexicurve)


Key Features

  • Material: Durable, conformable aluminum designed for curved surfaces with embedded printing.
  • Secure attachment: High bond adhesive that ensures a robust bond.
  • Various shapes/sizes: Available in multiple sizes and shapes including rectangle, square, round, and oval.
  • Finish Options: Offered in both gloss and satin finishes to suit various aesthetic preferences.
  • Resilient to factors: Chemical/fire-resistant, withstands diverse environments, high temperatures.
  • Versatile: Sticks well on wood, metal, and plastic surfaces.
  • Ease of use: Clean the surface, place the tag, remove the backing, and press down firmly for a secure attachment.

Product Overview

Optimize Asset Management with Curved Surface Aluminium Asset Tags

Metal Asset Tags - Aluminium significantly improve the efficiency of asset tracking and management, reducing losses and thefts while enhancing inventory control. Personalise these tags with unique identifiers like serial numbers, text, and barcodes to meet specific tracking needs.

These metal tags feature printing directly embedded into the aluminium, ensuring long-lasting durability. The high-bond adhesive secures firmly to wood, metal, and plastic surfaces, providing reliability in diverse applications. Conformable Aluminium is ideal for curved surfaces.

Offering excellent chemical resistance, these tags endure exposure to various substances without degrading. They also feature fire resistance up to 500°F, maintaining integrity in high-temperature conditions. The scratch-resistant surface ensures lasting clarity and readability, boosting overall durability.

These metal asset tags are suitable for numerous industries needing efficient asset tracking and management solutions. From manufacturing and construction to healthcare and education sectors, businesses can optimize operations and protect valuable assets with our metal asset tags for equipment.

Custom Identification Solutions with Aluminium Metal Asset Tags

Efficiently meet your identification needs with our customizable tags. Whether you require asset numbers, serial numbers, barcodes, or other details, personalize your tags to match your exact specifications.

Our custom metal asset tags offer flexibility in shape and finish. They can be tailored to your precise needs, ensuring they fit your identification requirements perfectly. Choose from rectangles, squares, rounds, or ovals to suit your preferences. With options for gloss or satin finishes, our asset tags for outdoor equipment provide both durability and aesthetic appeal.

Easy Application and Maintenance for Aluminium Asset Tags

Before applying, ensure the surface is clean for optimal adhesion. Attach the tag by peeling off the backing and pressing it firmly onto the surface. Regularly check the tags for signs of wear or damage, replacing them as necessary to maintain accurate tracking and identification.

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