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Metal Barcode Labels


Key Features

  • Tailored Choice: Customizable labels with diverse options, allowing for shape, finish, and content adjustments, tailored to your specifications.
  • Application Areas: Streamline asset management in manufacturing, construction, healthcare, education, and retail.
  • Quality Material: Surface printed aluminium foil for looks and strength.
  • Different Shapes & Sizes: Varied shapes and sizes to suit diverse company needs.
  • High Bond Adhesive: Labels adhere securely to metal, plastic, or wood surfaces with high-bond adhesive.
  • Simplified Process: clean, stick, peel, press for secure attachment.

Product Overview

Keep Your Valuables Safe with Premium Metal Barcode Labels

Tap into the efficiency of Metal Barcode Labels – a fusion of durability and functionality. With easy application, custom design options, and premium quality, these labels offer unparalleled benefits across industries.

Crafted from conformable aluminium foil, they ensure long-lasting reliability. Explore diverse shapes and sizes, alongside highly secured attachments for enhanced safety.

The surface printing on these personalised metal barcode labels features clear and legible barcode. Because they have strong glue, they stick well to almost any surface.

The benefits can be seen in many fields that need to keep track of and handle assets. Metal barcode labels for equipment are very helpful for many types of businesses, such as manufacturing, construction, healthcare, and education. They make processes run more smoothly and protect valuable assets.

Tailor Shape & Size of your Customizable Metal Barcode Labels

These customisable metal barcode labels can be used in a variety of ways to meet your identity needs. Adding barcodes to tags makes it easy to change them to fit your needs.

We make these metal barcode labels printable that fit your needs by changing their shape and surface finish. This makes sure they perfectly meet your identification needs. You can Choose the ones that work best for you because they come in different sizes, and shapes like circles and squares.

Easy to Apply and Maintain Metal Barcode Labels

Make sure the area where the tag will be applied is clean so that it sticks well. When you are ready, take off the backing and press the tag tightly onto the surface to keep it there. To keep accurate records of recognition, the tags must be checked often for any signs of damage or wear and replaced right away if needed.

Do not wait any longer—buy Metal Barcode Labels right now for reliable asset management and peace of mind!