Office Tabletop Desk Divider Sneeze Screen - Clear Acrylic (4 person)

Office Tabletop Desk Divider Sneeze Screen - Clear Acrylic (4 person)


Create safe partitions by installing these desk dividers on your office tables and work areas.

  • Sneeze guard panels made of Clear Cast Acrylic
  • High tear-resistance and tensile strength
  • Glossy finish
  • Ready to use tabletop divider

Office Table Top Desk Divider Sneeze Guards- Time to Turn Your Regular Office Desks Into COVID-19 Safe Desks

 Built from premium plexiglass acrylic material, these strong and convenient Office Table Top Desk Divider Sneeze Guards will transform any standard table into a divided space for 4 people. With two transparent panels- one half cut in the center from the top and the other one half cut in the center from the base- allow them to intersect just in the center. Hence, creating four secure sections on a table. The high tear-resistance of more than 1016 Ohm makes these office desk divider panels exceptionally solid and ideal for daily use. It is an appropriate solution for office tables, meeting tables, and other workplace desks. Installing these screen dividers will diminish the danger of the spread of any airborne infections within your office where they are placed. These table dividers are currently accessible in one standard size, which will work for the majority of the workplace tables. Ordering in bulk will help you spare more on your total order value.

The 5mm thick clear panel dividers of these Office Table Top Desk Divider Sneeze Guards

guarantee safety from airborne diseases, and furthermore allow safe & clear communication between the employees. During and after the COVID-19- work gatherings, meetings, and workstations need similar safety solutions that are effective, yet budget-friendly. And BannerBuzz sneeze guards are just the right combination of high-quality and low-prices. Every work environment should install such wellbeing measures to guarantee the security of their employees, customers, clients, and staff. Furthermore, these office table top dividers extend a simple and easy to set-up approach that does not involve any professional assistance.

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