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Open Corner Table Covers - 4 sided


This 4-sided brand promoting table cover is one of the most convenient advertising accessories you can opt for. This highly budgeted advertising tool is eye-catching yet professional at the same time. At BannerBuzz, we make sure to craft a table cover for you that perfectly promotes your brand in the best possible way.

Why are 4-sided table covers preferred?

A four-sided cover, also known as a table drape, is designed to cover the top and all the four sides of your table to the floor. The open cuts at the corner enhance the usability of these covers. 4-sided table covers are usually preferred in trade shows/events where you want to store items beneath your table without being seen, which allows full use of the storage space without making it look untidy.

Since display is extremely important in every event, this table cover can add a personality to your booth. The personalized design in the front promotes your brand/service in the best possible way. The corner cuts can serve as a quick access to your products. This is the reason why this four-sided open cut table cover is extremely popular with our customers.

So, go on, make the most of this fantastic product and start customizing it right away to place your quick online order. For any further assistance, you can get in touch with our customer care team.