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Personalised Tent Card


Key Features

  • Superior Cardstock: Crafted from robust 14 pt. Cardstock Gloss, guaranteeing exceptional quality
  • Vivid Gloss Finish: Amplifies the vibrancy and lasting impact of each design
  • Exacting Precision: Maintains a size variance within +/- 3mm for uniform professionalism
  • Versatile Writing Surface: Suitable for ballpoint pens and permanent markers
  • Personalised Designs: Features an intuitive design tool for bespoke creations
  • Sustainable Option: Constructed from recyclable materials, reflecting environmental awareness

Product Overview

Elevate Your Brand with Recyclable Table Tents for Conscious Advertising

Unlock the potential of superior Tent Cards to boost your brand's presence where it matters most. Crafted from robust 14 pt. Cardstock Gloss, these cards serve not merely as carriers of your message but as emblems of quality and meticulousness. The gloss finish accentuates the vibrancy and hue of every design, ensuring your message isn't just seen but is impactful and lasting.

Every Tent Card is produced with exactitude, maintaining a size variance of +/- 3mm, rendering them an ideal solution for businesses in pursuit of consistency and professionalism in their promotional efforts. Their glossy finish not only bestows a luminous sheen and vivid colours but also offers practicality; being amenable to writing with ballpoint pens (oil-based ink) or permanent markers, they adapt to any event with ease.

Personalised Your Printable Tent Cards with Our Customisation Options

Our bespoke Printable Tent Cards unveil endless possibilities for customising your promotional materials. Whether you're in search of compelling tent place cards, dynamic tent name tags, or captivating promotional items like custom table tent cards for restaurants, our straightforward design interface guarantees the realisation of your vision with precision.

Opt from a selection of sizes and templates expressly designed for businesses, or express your creativity by crafting something truly unique. The facility to upload your design or engage a designer, combined with availability in various pack sizes from 50 to 200, ensures we accommodate all types of businesses. Incorporating photos, graphics, and text metamorphoses each card into a meaningful engagement with prospective clients, transforming these customisable solutions from mere advertising instruments into conduits linking your business's offerings to consumer interests.

Sustainable Name Tent Cards for Ethical Branding

Opting for our recyclable Name Tent Cards not only manifests your brand's pledge to sustainable advertising but also resonates with the eco-conscious values of contemporary consumers. Our table tents are designed for aesthetic allure, clear communication, and a dedication to environmental stewardship, enabling your brand to effectively convey its commitment to sustainability. By choosing BannerBuzz's superior, customisable tent cards, whether for spotlighting restaurant specials or trade show features, you're investing in a marketing strategy that harmonises quality, personalisation, and eco-friendly initiatives.