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Photo Magnets

Photo Magnets


Customize the size and stick on any metal surface.

  • Custom sizes available in Portrait or landscape
  • Sticks to any metal surface (Dishwasher, refrigerator, school locker, file cabinet etc)
  • Non-messy and easily removable
  • Uses premium magnet
  • High-definition printing

A Door without a Photo Magnet Is Incomplete

If you have a metal door that does not feature magnets, you are definitely doing something wrong. It is part of the modern interior decoration criteria that things like a fridge, dishwasher, or even a file cabinet in your home office should feature a set of attractive magnets for aesthetical purposes. This is where these photo magnets come in.

Instead of going with the clich of placing regular magnets, use photo magnets. You can have any picture from your phone or social media printed onto the magnet. Simply stick the photo magnet on the metal surface and cherish the beautiful moments of your life with a certain loved one.

Photo Magnets Are A Great Way to Show Creativity

Regular magnets don't offer much room for creativity. On the contrary, photo magnets let you make the most of them. Have a bunch of your favourite pictures printed in different sizes and make a unique picture collage on your fridge. In addition to that, since top-quality magnets are used for these photo magnets, you don't have to worry about them wearing out and falling off.

The high definition printing also adds to the aesthetic appeal of these photo magnets. Just stick the pictures on the metal surface and cherish the memories every time you pass by it. It is a far better use of your pictures than to have them trapped inside an album. In short, you should definitely get these photo magnets to elevate the aesthetics of your place..