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Please Wash your Hands Business Flyers (Non folded)


Handwashing Flyers are Durable, Customisable and Eco-Friendly

Communicable diseases result in employees reporting sick, which in turn delays important projects or putting additional work on others. To maintain efficiency, look for ways to prevent germs from spreading through your workforce. Health and wellness flyers promoting practices such as handwashing provide simple, illustrated steps for employees to follow in order to protect themselves and others. The small size of the flyers makes them easy to hand out around the office or to pin to bulletin and notice boards.

Sturdy, high-density paper makes these Wash Your Hands flyers durable and able to stand up to regular, frequent handling. With their long-lasting construction, the flyers continue to deliver effective messaging and promote practices that reduce the spread of illness.

Choose hand hygiene flyers from a range of available sizes to meet your needs and preferences. Multiple paper types include uncoated, matte, gloss and heavier card stock matte. Have them printed on the front only or on both sides so that either side can face up.

Comprising recycled material, the health awareness flyers are an environmentally friendly way to promote handwashing. Their production process has a low ecological impact and small carbon footprint, allowing your business to protect its workforce in a socially responsible way.

Ready to Use Custom Business Flyers are Portable

Featuring a pre-printed message asking the reader to wash their hands for their own protection and the protection of others, these wash your hands flyers are simple and effective communication tools. There are also pre-designed graphics illustrating each step of the washing process to make each cleaning as thorough as possible. With no additional designing or modification needed, the flyers are ready to use right out of the package.

Health and wellness flyers are lightweight and come in sizes that are easy to distribute by hand, either directly to employees or by leaving them in common areas such as break rooms and bathrooms. It's also convenient to keep large quantities in storage, handing out more than existing flyers are used up.

Handwashing Flyers are Easy to Order

BannerBuzz provides several convenient options for sHIPping and delivery, so you can receive your Wash Your Hands flyers in a timely manner while also staying within your budget. The ordering process is simple and streamlined to help you get exactly what you need quickly.

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