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Pop Up Green Screen Webcam Backdrop


Easy-to-use Popup Webcam Green Screen Ideal For Streaming

Gone are the days when you had to use poles, nuts and bolts to set up a backdrop for video filing. Today, popup webcam green screens are popular as they can be set up instantly to unwanted background scenes. Moreover, you can film or attend video conferencing from anywhere. Popup webcam screens are convenient and versatile. They give a studio-like impact and are great for location shooting.

Available in two convenient sizes, our popup green screen webcam backdrops can easily block unnecessary background for webcam recording by providing a virtual backdrop for chairs. The wide green screen is ideal for closeups and long shots.

The webcam backdrops are made from durable, elastic polyester, these help keep light from bleeding through. The blemish free screen makes it easier to work on any editing programme.

The popup green backdrop’s friendly design allows for easy installation and storage. To use, unfold the screen, slide it over the backrest of the chair and secure it with the help of the attached pocket. To uninstall, take the backdrop off the chair, twist the spring meal frame and fold it. This reduces the screen to one-third of its original size. Put it in the carry bag for both storage and on-the-go use. They are light and portable, and make setting up easier. They don’t require poles and other accessories to install.

Spring Metal Frame Keeps Popup Green Screen Stable

Our popup webcam green backdrops have spring metal steel installed into the black edge around the banner to make it stable. Since the metal frame stays permanently attached to the banners, they will hold shape, without leading to any crease or fold. With no blemish on the green screen, editing becomes easier.

Our backdrops are suitable for training, marketing, video-conference from anywhere. They are extremely convenient, especially for professionals - who need to have constant webcam presence - working away from the office.

Quality Printing Technique For Lasting Color

We use dye sublimation technique to give color to backdrops. This technique secures the color of the screen. With the dye thoroughly infused into the fabric, the green color doesn't fade or get damaged due to prolonged use.

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