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Poster Frames


Transform Your Promotions with Our Stylish and Multifunctional Poster Frames

Boost your marketing approach with our Bespoke Poster Frames. More than just a display solution, these frames represent your brand’s commitment to professionalism and fine detail. Ideal for a range of settings, from lively art galleries to energetic office spaces, they’re designed to both protect and highlight your displays.

Our Cost-Effective Poster Frames come in a selection of eye-catching colours, ensuring they catch the eye from afar - perfect for temporary promotions or sales events. Equally suited for home décor or professional galleries, their versatility is unmatched. Fitting all standard-size posters, they adapt easily to your evolving display needs.

The cornerstone of our collection is the durability of our Environmentally-Friendly Poster Frames. Made from 10 mm thick, corrosion-resistant, 6063-grade silver anodised aluminium, they offer solid support for any display. Enhanced with a 3 mm thick foam backing, they ensure your posters stay immaculate, free from warping, even after prolonged use. Plus, they boast water-resistant qualities, making them a lasting choice for your venture.

Our Vintage and Contemporary Poster Frames are unrivalled in visual appeal. With 600 DPI high-resolution prints, every detail is strikingly clear. The full-colour printing spans a wide colour palette, ensuring your posters, be it artistic works or brand messages, are vivid and captivating.

Tailor-Made, Featherweight, and Effortless to Set Up Poster Frames for Every Area

Available in two practical Poster Frame Sizes, these frames let you pick the ideal size for your posters. You can personalise each frame with various styles, graphics, and colours. We also cater to unique customisation needs, allowing for regular updates to your displays.

Our Lightweight Poster Frames are crafted with mobility and ease of storage in mind, making them perfect for various settings. Installation is a breeze, as the frames arrive pre-assembled with user-friendly hanging clips for stable mounting. Whether it’s for enhancing a home, showcasing in a gallery, or brightening an office, these frames marry practicality with visual appeal.

Maximise Your Expenditure with Exclusive Offers on Bulk Poster Frame Orders

Enjoy Wholesale Discounts on Poster Frames: Purchase high-quality frames in quantities from 2 to over 100 and reap significant savings. Our Economically-Priced Poster Frames are designed to fit the budgetary needs of businesses both large and small. Benefit from scaled discounts on all orders, ensuring value across our range of stylish Modern and classic Vintage Poster Frames. Ideal for enterprises looking to upgrade their premises with Tailor-Made Poster Frames without overstretching financial resources.