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Poster Paper

Poster Paper


Brand your business with the posters!!

  • 220 GSM High gloss Paper
  • Vibrant, 720 dpi & 1440 dpi digital printing
  • Outstanding quality & fast delivery at affordable prices

Do you need a high quality poster which comes with a smooth glossy finish for your next classroom presentation? Do you have a research project for which you need an expertly designed and printed poster, which would add great value to your efforts? If that is the case, then you need a high quality poster which is both durable and offers you the sharp print image you need to make a great impression!

Choosing The Right Material- Key To Great Printing Results

To enjoy the best results, you need quality poster paper. If you want a poster which has an image with a glossy finish, then select the finest poster paper in town.

The finer the material of the poster paper, the greater the durability and the sharper the image results of your poster. Whether you want a matte, glossy or shiny finish to your poster image, you need the right poster paper which can offer you the support to opt for the effect that you want.

Want to use your poster for a three day promotional campaign or business conference? Want the posters to be durable with sharp images, attracting the interested gazes of your audience? Then opt for strong and superior material quality, which will give you good value for your money. Confused about what material to choose? Then let our experts help you by helping you place the right order as per your needs.

What We Have To Offer....

What we offer you is the guarantee of a printed poster, which will be the centre of attention during your presentation. We understand the importance of a sharp image and fine resolution design on your poster and that is why we offer you nothing but the very best poster paper in the market.

By using nothing but the finest high quality poster material, we offer you a custom printed poster that is according to your unique needs and requirements. The paper is highly suitable for high resolution imaging printing and compliments the design requirements specified by you for a particular project.

You can send us your poster artwork, or if you still need to make some finishing touches to it, you can use our design tool to submit the ideal poster design you need. If you need any help in designing the artwork you want in your custom poster, then our expert team will guide you how to do it.

Rest assured, when you choose our services, you opt for the very best in the industry. Our experience and knowledge of the industry gives us a competitive edge and makes us the ideal service providers in the sector.

If you want a campaign poster with a matte finish, or a project poster which comes with a sharp image of your assignment model, just give us call and discuss the finer details of your order with us. we'll provide you with the poster you need to make a lasting impression on your audience!

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