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Pre-Printed Auction Feather Flag

Pre-Printed Auction Feather Flag

  • Effective and budgeted advertising tool for auction events.
  • The flag graphic comes pre-printed with a noticeable AUCTION text.
  • Both single and double-sided printing options are available.
  • Add hardware: includes an aluminum pole with a choice of cross/spike base.
  • The feather flag is available in four different size dimensions.

Pre-Printed Auction Feather Flag With a Choice of Printing and Size Options

The auction feather flag is a smart advertising tool for those who do not want to blend into the crowd and want to stay above the competition. Our pre-printed auction feather flag can make it happen effortlessly. It can help bring increased attention to your auction business or event via its eccentric shape, crisp colors, and clear messaging.

Reach out to a wider audience at once by installing our feather flag at your auction site. With its simplistic approach and minimalist cost, our advertising flag promises high ROI. This reusable auction flag can last up to many years when cared for and maintained properly, adding more to your return on investment.

BannerBuzz pre-printed auction feather flag is fabricated from a high-quality flag fabric. This weather-resistant fabric can withstand several external elements, making it a highly durable outdoor signage option that can last up to years under moderate conditions.

The single-sided and double-sided printing options allow you to get your auction flag printed as per your advertising needs. The single-sided flag comes with 50-60% visibility of the mirrored image on the backside. Whereas, the 2-sided feather flag has a liner sewn in between the two sides, and includes print on both the front and back of the flag fabric. Plus, four different size dimensions are available to help you choose an appropriate height and width.

Order Sturdy Flagpole & Flag Base of Your Choice

Depending upon your advertising needs and budget, you can order the pre-printed auction feather flag graphic with or without the hardware. However, we recommend ordering both the graphic and the hardware if you are looking for an end-to-end ready-to-install advertising flag for your auction event. To add the sturdy hardware, please turn the ADD POLE option to YES above.

The versatile & adaptable hardware includes a carbon composite fiberglass flagpole, which is highly durable, rust-resistant, and structurally solid. It offers complete support to the flag graphic and comes with a pole pocket on the left for quick and easy installation of the graphic. Plus, the availability of cross base and spike base allows you to fit your flag installation preferences. You can also order water bags to add extra weight to the cross base for added stability.

Auction Feather Flag Installation

Our pre-printed auction feather flag is extremely lightweight and easy to install. It does not require any additional tools or professional assistance to be installed. Take all the flagpole parts, snap to set them together. Then, slip the auction flag fabric into the pole sleeve and hook the fabric loop at the bottom to keep the graphic looking taut. For the spike base, insert the pole spike directly into the soft ground like a lawn area. For the cross base, insert the bottom of the flagpole into the base and place it at the entrance, lobby, or anywhere else.