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Pre-Printed Car Wash Feather Flag


Feather Flags are Durable, Customisable and Easy to Install

Prospective customers on the road when searching for a convenient car wash facility may require additional direction. Feather flags with clear car wash messaging directs drivers and are simple to position where they are most visible. They also let drivers know where an outdoor fundraising car wash event is taking place. Drive more business into your car wash facility and see an immediate return on your investment when you place these informational flags at strategic locations.

Car Wash flags are made with 90 GSM flag fabric, a durable material that withstands wind, rain and sun, allowing them to handle long-term outdoor placement without fading. Support for the fabric comes from a sturdy carbon composite fibreglass pole that maintains stability and balance to keep the flag upright, even in high winds.

Printed flags come in multiple sizes to meet business needs and visibility requirements. Other options include ordering the flag only or the base only as replacement materials. Choose single or double-sided printing to greet traffic from one or both directions.

Installing the single or double-sided flag is a fast, easy process and only requires a single person, minimising time and effort. Our sturdy bases hold the pole and the flag securely in place. Metal ground spike bases penetrate the soil, while cross bases assemble quickly to provide a solid foundation.

Printed Flags are Portable and Ready to Use

High-quality, lightweight construction makes it easy to take the double or single-sided flags to their designated spot for installation. They are just as easily removed and relocated if you discover a more optimal spot, increasing return on investment. If a car wash facility has to close temporarily, flags take up only a small amount of space in storage.

Both single and double-sided flags come pre-printed and require no additional graphics or text selections or personalisation. This saves time otherwise spent on graphic selection and provides a ready-to-use flag that gets customers through the door faster. If setting up a fundraiser car wash, pre-printed flags let you designate your space quickly.

Feather Flags Available in Bulk With Multiple SHIPping Options

Bulk orders at discounted rates serve the needs of businesses of all sizes. Order a few to manage one or two locations or up to 100 or more to provide car wash flag coverage at multiple franchised locations. There are also sHIPping options with varying rates and speeds to satisfy business requirements while also staying within a budget.

Inform Passers-By About Your Car Wash Facilities with Feather Flags

Place durable and weather-resistant pre-printed car wash flags around your property to provide directional guidance to customers.

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