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Pre-Printed For Lease Feather Flag


Feather Flags are Customisable, High Quality and Easy to Install

If you sell and lease cars, land, housing or other property, you are eager to give passers-by an indication that the assets you own can be leased. Place advertising flags near cars or outside buildings so people who are looking to acquire new property can stop by the location and inquire about a leasing opportunity. Using these flags is a good way for property owners to reach out to potential lessees.

Our promotional flags are printed in bright yellow with large, red lettering. The colours are bright to attract attention, while the high contrast allows the text to be read quickly and easily. The single-sided version shows a mirrored image on the reverse side with 50-60% visibility. Double-sided flags have a liner for durability.

These for lease signs come with many customisation options. You can opt to exclude the graphic entirely should you just want the pole and other hardware. Should you include this hardware, you can choose between a spike base for grass, a cross base for any flat surface, or a cross base with a water bag for stability. Double-sided versions are available so passers-by can read the flag from any direction.

Regardless of the hardware you choose, feather flags are relatively easy to set up. Spike bases can be easily planted into dirt or soil. Cross bases are easy to assemble and stand. Water bags just need to be filled with water so the flag and cross base are stable.

Portability and Fast Assembly with For Lease Signs

The advertising flags are lightweight, which helps when you need to move or store the units. Each version is portable, for use time and time again when you want to lease property. Spike-based flags are easy to remove from the ground. Move and relocate cross-based flags with minimal effort.

The for lease graphic and finish is already on the promotional flag fabric when you receive the units, so you can set up the flags as quickly as possible. Compared to designing your own feather-style flags, owning these flags requires less time and resources, and you get an unusual shape and height.

Feather Flags are Easy to Care For

Lease signs are easy to clean and maintain without removing the finish. To machine washing machine, remove the fabric from the hardware and use mild laundry detergent and a gentle, warm-water cycle. Alternatively, wash the flag by hand with water and mild liquid detergent. These two methods are effective in removing dust and debris.

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