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Pre-Printed For Rent Feather Flag


High-Quality, Customisable and Easy-to-Install Feather Flags

Our 'for rent' flags serve as a visual cue to potential tenants that your property is available for lease. To gain a wider reach, and to optimise your marketing time and effort, place your flags in strategic areas.

High-quality printing ensures that every detail on the marketing flags is visible to passers-by, whether on foot or driving. On single-sided flags, a mirror image with a 50-60% visibility allows your message to be visible from any angle.

Choose from single-sided or double-sided options, as well as add graphics or a pole. The single-sided option has a reverse graphic on the back and is perfect for displaying at entrances. We print graphics on both sides of double-sided option to maximise your message's visibility and entice potential tenants to view your property. The promotional flags come in a range of sizes to suit your needs, whether you have a little or large space. Depending on your demands, you may pick from a variety of base options, including cross base, spike base and water base.

Our flag bases make it simple to install the feather flags and provide sturdiness. Because the entire assembly can be done by one person, you will save time and effort. In only a few minutes, you can boost awareness of your property's availability.

For Rent Flags are Portable and Ready to Use

The marketing flags are lightweight, allowing you to move the units around as needed to maximise your message's visibility. This also makes the flags simple to use and lets you save each one for later usage to minimise advertisement costs.

Promotional flags come with pre-printed graphics saving you time and effort by removing the need to generate your own designs. This ensures you may immediately use the flags to advertise your property and attract tenants.

Feather Flags are Easy to Maintain

Hand wash or machine wash the marketing flags with a mild liquid detergent to maintain cleanliness. This ease of maintenance allows you to keep the flags in a good shape to capture tenants' attention.

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