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Pre-Printed Open House Feather Flag


Durable, Customisable, and Easy to Install Feather Flags

It may be difficult for potential buyers or renters to discover a suitable home to buy or lease. Because clients are unaware of your property's existence due to inadequate marketing, your property may get fewer inquiries. Our open house flags alert potential tenants and purchasers that your property is available for viewing. Place the flags in strategic locations to get a broader audience.

When passersby walk or drive past your home, the high-quality printing on the advertising flags ensures that every detail of text is visible. A mirror image with a 50-60% visibility on single-sided flags allows your message to be seen from any direction, thus boosting exposure.

Select single-sided or double-sided printing, as well as purchase graphics and a pole together or separately. A reverse image is apparent on the back of the single-sided option, while we print graphics on both sides of the double-sided option to optimise your message's exposure and encourage potential clients to visit your property. Whether you have a little or large space, the marketing flags are available in a variety of sizes to meet your demands. You may choose from a number of base alternatives, including cross base, spike base, and water base, depending on your needs.

Installation of the feather flags is straightforward as the bases provide stability. You save time and effort as one person can complete the full assembly, ensuring you raise awareness of your property's availability in only a few minutes.

Portable and Ready-to-Use Open House Flags

Because advertising flags come in lightweight materials, you may adjust them as needed to optimise the exposure of your message. This also makes it easy to use and preserve the flags for later use, which helps to save money on advertising.

Marketing flags are pre-printed with graphics that welcome potential clients, saving you time and effort if you tried to create your own designs. This ensures that you can use the flags to market your home and attract tenants and buyers right away.

Feather Flags are Easy to Maintain

To keep the open house flags clean, wash by hand or in a machine with a light liquid detergent. Because of the ease of upkeep, you can maintain the flags to attract renters' and buyers' attention.

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