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Pre-Printed We are Open Feather Flag


We Are Open Feather Flags Are High Quality, Customisable and Easy to Use

When your business has just opened for the first time or has reopened after a lengthy closure, you need to let the public know that you are welcoming customers back. Our advertisement flags communicate this message clearly and concisely. With bright colours and sharp printing, the flags effectively get the message across to shoppers and passers-by.

Thanks to high-quality printing, our marketing flags are easily spotted, even from a distance. On single-sided flags, the image shows on the reverse side as a mirrored image with 50-60% visibility so that passers-by can see it from multiple angles. A liner is sewn in between the fabric on double-sided flags for added quality.

Customise your printed feather flags by choosing from the multiple sizes that are available to meet your particular needs. You may also elect to order only the graphics, just the pole or both. Choose from single- or double-sided printing as per your specific requirements.

Our 'we are open' feather flags have a ground pole with a spike base, cross base or a cross base with a water bag for easy installation. This helps save you and your team time, effort and energy when placing the flags where needed.

Advertisement Flags are Portable and Come Ready to Use

The marketing flags are easy to place and reposition. The low weight of the flags also makes for easy portability in case you need to relocate your business or place a feather flag in a high-traffic area for more exposure to the public.

The advertisement flags come with the graphics already applied against a black and red background to allow for immediate use. The pre-printed text saves you the time and effort that comes with designing your own message or image.

We are Open Feather Flags Are Low Maintenance

Our printed feather flags can be hand or machine washed using mild detergent, making care and maintenance relatively simple. Mild detergents extend the lifespan of the signs.

Shop for pre-printed We are Open Feather Flags for your business online at BannerBuzz.