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Premium White Table Covers & Throws - 4 Sided


Table Covers and Throws... The Eye-catching Way to Attract Passersby Attention

Why should you not emphasize on the type of the table throws you use? By foregoing table covers, replacing them with a boring white cover instead, you are mapping out your booth's own failure.

You do not need to a fortuneteller to tell you that your booth will become the look and pass type at the event. For exactly this reason, you need to make your table the centre of attention by investing in high quality and durable table covers and throws brought to you by BannerBuzz.

Mastering the Art of Getting Noticed

We want you to close the event, knowing people have definitely taken note of your logo and your company colours. From afar, the logo and the colours on the table cover need to be visible. Remember, increased visibility means a higher level of customer retention.

At the next event, people who frequented the last one would easily recognize seeing you there. Even if you send different people to represent your company, potential customers will still recall seeing you at the previous event. That, my friends, sums up the power of custom table covers.

What Can We Do For You?

In our bag of tricks, we have several things we can offer you that will make your table a hit amongst your customers and your guests. You can customize the table throws whichever way you deem right. Provide us with the colour you want for the background, text and the logo. To create picture or logo table covers, we digitally print them on the surface at 1000 dpi.

We create our custom table covers, using superior nylon and satin. Since we promise our customers quality, we use advanced dye-sublimation technology to fulfil it. The technology allows the table covers to last longer by making it resistant to air and sunlight damage. Hence, whether you have placed your table inside or outside, you will not have to worry about the colour or the logo fading.

We can provide you with a 6 ft. by 2.5 ft. or 8 ft. by 2.5 ft table cover, which are our standard sizes. If you require a specific size, you can provide us the dimensions of the table cover to our team of experienced designers.

The Different Types of Table Covers/Throws

Here is a list of different types of table covers/throw for you to consider displaying on your table at the next event:

  • Premium White Table Covers and Throws
  • Premium Full Colour Table Covers and Throws (fitted table cover, stretch table cover, convertible/adjustable table cover, pleated table cover, and cross over table cover)
  • Customized Table Runners
  • Round Table Cover (round stretch table cover and round fitted table cover)
  • Table Topper (round)
  • Table Cloth (square/round)

Table Covers... The Key to Grab Attention

Keep in mind, table covers are not limited to use only at business exhibitions, but you can use them to decorate tables at weddings, bridal showers, baby showers, company galas, and more.

Unlock the door to create eye-catching table covers and throws. We have the key! Call us today!