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Pride Flags


Durable, Custom Printed Rainbow Pride Flag For The LGBTQ Pride Celebration

The month of June every year marks the beginning of the Global pride month. People across the globe come together to celebrate the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender community in several ways. People show recognition & support to the LGBT community by holding and raising pride flags & banners at rallies & parades. Offering custom printed flags & banners for pride celebrations is our way of showing support & inclusiveness. Our custom pride flags come in predefined & custom sizes along with custom design & finishing options.

Our beautifully printed pride flags are a fantastic way to support and promote the gay, lesbian, transgender community at any indoor or outdoor activity. You can bring our durable & versatile flag banners to use by hanging, hand-holding, or installing them on poles or cars as per your advertising needs. You can select a suitable size from our predefined or custom size options to suit your advertising & installation needs well.

Our rainbow pride banners are designed to show support and create awareness towards the LGBTQ community. You can encourage inclusiveness and equality by advertising these flags outside your business space or workplace. You can even add a branding touchpoint to your pride flags with our custom design feature by uploading your artwork or using our easy design tool.

To help you promote what you believe in, we leave it to you to add the right messaging to your rainbow pride flag. Get creative and add a voice to your LGBTQ flag via a custom printed message, slogan, or symbol.

Suit Your Advertising Needs With Single or Double-Sided Flag Printing

We offer both single-sided & double-sided printing choices to accommodate your pride flag promotion needs. The single-sided flag is printed on one side, with 50%-60% visibility of the mirrored image on the backside. Even though the design is somewhat visible on the other side, you should only use a one-sided flag for one-way advertising.

The essential benefit of a double-sided flag is having the same or separate images printed on each side of the flag. These flags have a liner sewn between the two sides so that the reflection of one print does not overlap with the print on the other side. Our 2-sided pride flag provides maximum coverage as it communicates the message clearly from both sides and does not limit your ability to advertise.

Finish Off With Your Preferred Hanging Option

Our pride flags come with two different finishing options. Both our quality finishing options add a clean & professional look to the flag banner. One of the options is our heavy-duty metal grommets that are perfect for a variety of installation needs. Heavy-duty brass grommets are placed onto punched holes, creating a secure & strong edge across the top or left side of the flag based on your preferred selection.

The other finishing option is the pole pocket, preferably used for installing the flag graphic over a pole or cable. To create the pole pocket (top or left), we fold and seal the flag material towards the back. The strong pocket sleeve allows the pole or rod to slide into it easily.