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Printed Frosted Decals


Frosted Decals are Durable, High Quality and Customisable

In addition to permanently installed external signage promoting the location, businesses need a convenient, adaptable way to advertise special events, sales or discounts. Custom decals provide numerous design options to choose from, as well as the ability to create in-house designs that uniquely capture a brand's style and image. Create decals that evoke the changing seasons of the year and holidays or slogans that deliver affirming, uplifting messages.

Monomeric PVC 100 microns thick makes the custom decals long-lasting and durable. Glue peel strength of 12 N/25 mm keeps the decals securely attached to glass while still allowing for removal when it's time for a change.

High-quality 720 DPI printing produces sharply detailed and colourful advertising decals that get the attention of customers visiting the store. The printing process offers a wide range of colour possibilities for versatility in design.

Upload your own professionally designed graphic to be turned into one of these promotional decals, or use one of the many available templates and add custom touches and modifications. There is even the option to design an image and text directly on BannerBuzz via an online tool. Select one of several available sizes, add UV printing if desired and choose the amount of opaque white ink used in the printing of the decals.

Advertising Window Decals are Easy to Install and Offer Privacy

An included squeegee tool assists in applying correct, consistent pressure that presses the advertising decals against glass, ensuring each one remains securely in place. With no air bubbles left behind, adhesion is stronger and more reliable.

The transparent portion of these promotional decals is frosted to reduce visibility to those looking through the glass. This adds a layer of privacy when installing the decals over the in-wall or in-door windows looking into a conference room or a reserved suite.

Frosted Window Decals are Eco-Friendly

Eco-solvent printing produces custom decals while using biodegradable ingredients with minimal environmental impact. Use the decals for your marketing and branding endeavours and be socially responsible.

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