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PVC Foam Board Signs


Boost Your Brand with Multi-Use PVC Foam Board Signs

Enhance your business's profile with our top-grade PVC Foam Board Signs, superb for catching the eye in both indoor and outdoor settings. These lightweight yet robust foam signs are built to resist the UK's varied environmental conditions, fitting for an array of uses. Our signs excel with their bright, full-colour, 600 DPI UV printing, making each graphic stand out and captivate. A non-glare matte finish ensures your signs appear excellent in photos and keep a professional look in all light.

Ideal for advertising special retail events, announcing discounts, or spotlighting your distinct products, our bespoke printed PVC foam board signs are flexible to cater to all your promotional requirements. Their adaptability makes them a prime choice for everything from shop displays to external advertising. The weather-resistant features of these signs, coupled with their sharp clarity and legibility, ensure your message is impactful and memorable.

Crafted from premium PVC foam board in a classic white hue, these signs elevate any design or message. The advanced direct printing technique on the substrate delivers a top-quality finish, effectively conveying your message.

Craft Your Brand's Message with Easy-to-Set-Up PVC Foam Signs

Our Bespoke Printed PVC Foam Board Signs offer unmatched adaptability and customisation options, ideal for amplifying your brand's image. With a selection of artwork from our extensive library or our easy-to-use design tool, creating a sign that mirrors your brand identity is straightforward. Select the perfect size for your specific space, assuring maximum visibility and effect.

Tailored to your brand's unique colour scheme, our Pantone colour match (PMS) guarantees each sign harmonises with your corporate colours, offering a unified and professional look. These signs are not only attractive but also incredibly simple to manage. Their portable design makes installation and shifting a breeze, letting you adjust your marketing approach with little effort.

For extra ease, our simple-to-install PVC foam signs include an option for pre-drilled holes, simplifying the assembly process and saving time during setup, whether you're employing our optional standoff hardware or your own fitting approach.

Enhance Value with Bulk Discounts on PVC Foam Board Signs

Discover excellent value with our cost-effective custom foam board signage. As you add more bespoke printed PVC foam board signs to your order, enjoy a significant cut in the per-unit price. This bulk discount is particularly useful for businesses needing numerous top-quality PVC foam board promotional displays, providing an economical solution for all your signage needs without compromising quality or impact.