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Safety Awareness Korean Style X Banner Stands

Safety Awareness Korean Style X Banner Stands

  • Korean style X banner stands are best for indoor & outdoor use.
  • They are easy to install and clean.
  • Available in two standard sizes.
  • Helpful in spreading awareness for corona prevention.
  • Bulk purchase discount available.

Korean Style X Banner Stands for Awareness

Our Korean style X banner stands are ideal if you are looking for quick solutions for directing your employees, labourers and customers. You can use these banner stands to convey critical information about the corona hazard.

You can spread the message for the preventative actions that should be taken, and other serious crises or scenarios that are currently taking place or that may take place.

It is possible to customise the size and number of the Korean X banner stands, and other requirements for these banner stands online, in order to fit your needs.

Available in two standard sizes, our banner stands are your best bet for spreading awareness and helping everyone keep at bay from the virus.

Safety Banner Stands Made with High-Quality PVC Flex

Our banner stands are made with high-quality PVC flex graphic material that is durable. The hardware material is made of carbon composite fibre that adds strength to your banners.

Eco-solvent printing technique is used to print our banners. The printing is done at full-colour 720 DPI resolution which makes them visually vibrant.

Custom Banner Stand Available at Bulk Purchase Discounts

Want to get our custom banner stands in bulk? You’re at the right place. Order our custom banner stand now in quantities ranging from 2 to 100 and get a great bulk purchase discount. Choose ‘Priority’ shipping at checkout for the fastest delivery possible.