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Shimmer Panel - Gold


Entrance Your Audience with Our Opulent Gold Shimmer Panels

Transform any venue or occasion with our gold shimmer panel, an imposing backdrop guaranteed to dazzle and bewitch. This isn't just any backdrop; our Shimmer Panel - Gold represents the pinnacle in metallic panel craftsmanship, fashioned to deliver an aesthetic echoing the grandeur of gold wall art.

Every centimetre of our Shimmer Panel - Gold exudes unparalleled lustre. Fundamentally, the shimmer panel's hardware is forged from black anodised aluminium. This results in a product that is not only visually striking but also durable, promising a notable longevity. This ornamental panel endures, resisting corrosion, discolouration, and wear. Fabricated from top-tier plastic, the panel resists tearing and remains unaffected by external factors, truly reflecting the allure and robustness of gold accent decor.

Our panels encompass more than just visual appeal. They are bolstered with robust hardware components, ensuring the reflective panel maintains its commanding and regal stance. These components comprise 8 poles, 2 bases, 4 tightening knobs, and 2 allen keys, which are pivotal in supporting the glittering backdrop. The tightening knobs allow for height adjustment of the panel, whilst the allen key provides safeguarding against unexpected fastener issues. This robust attachment ensures that one's interior design featuring gold shimmer panels remains unblemished, even during the processes of installation or removal.

The poles themselves, with a substantial 1.4 mm thickness, have a 38 mm base diameter and a 30 mm top diameter. These measurements, paired with the solid bases, ensure the gold decorative panel stands firm and resolute, removing any concerns of it toppling.

Shimmer Panel Backdrops: A Comprehensive Array of Colours and Sizes

We present our Shimmer Panel - Gold, intricately designed to infuse luxury into your interiors, whether it's bedroom adornment or a living room centrepiece. Our ornamental panel backdrops span a range of shades, yet the gold and reflective wall art panel is undeniably the showstopper, exuding an ambiance evocative of finely sequined fabrics.

For those with an eye for sophisticated wall enhancements, this shimmer wall art with gold finish is revolutionary. Offering shades from captivating silver to beguiling rose gold, our Shimmer Panel - Gold ensures an extensive array of options to elevate your decor. Given its entrancing shimmer, it's set to be a mainstay in gold shimmer panel interior stylings. Recognising the significance of size, our shimmer wall additions are available in dimensions tailored to diverse settings, from 5 Ft x 3 Ft up to 10 Ft x 8 Ft. For the discerning individuals, our panels are also available in a neat 30cm x 30cm panel size, perfect for those desiring to craft a reflective gold panel for event decoration or instil a gold shimmer elegance within their locales.

Gold Shimmer Panel Backdrops: Uplift Your Spaces and Celebrations

Amplify both public events and personal abodes with our Gold Shimmer Panel backdrops, meticulously fashioned to enrapture and enthral. These multifaceted metallic panels serve brilliantly as a gold decorative panel for your lounge or as a magical shimmer feature for bedroom aesthetics.