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Shimmer Panel - Rose Gold


Entrance Your Guests with Elite Rose Gold Shimmer Panels

In pursuit of the quintessential luxury wall accent? Enhance the atmosphere of your gathering with our UK-centric, masterfully fashioned Rose Gold Shimmer Panel backdrops. Crafted to draw in and mesmerise attendees, these panels stand as an impressive visual centrepiece, promising to enrapture with every glance.

Showcasing unparalleled craftsmanship, the hardware of the shimmer panel is forged from black anodised aluminium, renowned for its longevity and robust nature. The Rose Gold gleam of this wall piece holds firm against corrosion and fading. Even abrasion fails to mar its beauty, ensuring you enjoy the splendour of your Shimmer Panel in Rose Gold for the long haul. Amplifying its durable aluminium structure, the panel integrates with a high-calibre plastic, adept at resisting inadvertent damages and tears.

Our Shimmer Panels come endowed with a comprehensive set of robust hardware: 8 poles, 2 bases, 4 tightening knobs, and 2 allen keys. These poles underpin the Rose Gold Panel with unwavering support, while the knobs and allen keys facilitate hassle-free adjustments, guarding against fastener wear and tear. Such careful design promises a luxury Shimmer Panel in Rose Gold that is as enduring as it is visually stunning.

Delving into its design specifics, every pole exhibits a thickness of 1.4 mm and diameters of 38 mm at its base and 30 mm at its apex, ensuring the Shimmer Panel's steadfastness and reliability, putting to rest any qualms about stability.

Expansive Array of Shimmer Panel Backdrops in Diverse Tints and Measures

The Shimmer Panel - Rose Gold backdrops are transformative, imbuing any setting with their ornate lustre. Spanning from traditional gold and silver hues to the signature Rose Gold Decor, each panel embodies the grandeur of a sequinned artwork, making a statement as a posh wall embellishment.

Acknowledging the criticality of dimensions in crafting the ideal wall feature, our range extends to meet a plethora of requirements. No longer be constrained by dimension choices with options like 5 Ft x 3 Ft, 6 Ft x 8 Ft, 8 Ft x 8 Ft, and the expansive 10 Ft x 8 Ft. Additionally, for those with an eye for fine details, the 30cm x 30 cm Rose Gold Shimmer Panel will perfectly complement your selected spaces.

Accentuate Your Domain with the Splendour of Our Rose Gold Shimmer Panels

Embrace the enchanting allure of our Shimmer Panel in Rose Gold. Whilst they're tailor-made for occasions such as weddings or photo sessions, these panels also seamlessly fit as chic home decor elements. Each, reflecting the soft radiance of rose gold, pledges a backdrop that intertwines charm with permanence.