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Silverstep 24'' Retractable Banner Stand


Shop for Silverstep 24'' Retractable Banner Stand and Customize Your Brand Identity

The Silverstep 24'' Retractable Banner Stand is your best partner in marketing growth with durable hardware and better printing techniques. This investment will consistently highlight your brand in the way that you had never anticipated before. Equipped with a telescopic pole, this stand enhances your tabletop promotions and stands out, leaving an impression at trade shows, events, and in-store displays.

Durable Aluminium Anodized Coating with a Silver Base: Anodization creates a protective oxide layer on the aluminium's surface, significantly boosting its resistance to corrosion. There is also adjustable spring tension and alignment for easy setup.

UV Printing: UV printing represents the latest alternative to conventional printing techniques, for clearer and more vivid images on your banners. Your brand deserves the best, and we provide that.

Various Sizes and Travel Bag: Available in two predefined sizes having the same width, our banner stands come with a template size of 24"W x (85" to 92") H (with a 6” bleed on the bottom). Our product also comes with a travel bag that makes it easy for you to travel from one location to another.

Customize Your Banner: These banner stands provide the flexibility to upload your own images or graphics for direct printing onto the banner, allowing for a personalized touch. For a more unique design, we also offer the option to enlist the services of a professional designer for a nominal fee.

Easy to Clean Silver Step Retractable Banner Stand for Convenience and Resilience

Designed for Easy Assembly: Our retractable banner stands are easy to set up. Just pull up on one end and set up with the base where you want. The spring mechanism offers effortless assembly with the best alignment.

Simple Upkeep: To maintain your banner's immaculate state, gently wipe it with a soft, damp cloth, avoiding the use of any cleaning agents.

Custom Retractable Banner Stand comes with Bulk Discounts

Cost-Efficient Bulk Pricing: We offer special discounts for bulk orders. Be sure to refer to our detailed pricing table to discover the exclusive discounts applicable to your order.

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