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Silverstep 36'' Retractable Banner Stand


Buy Silverstep 36'' Retractable Banner Stand and Personalize your Brand Message

The Silverstep 36'' Retractable Banner Stand is here to support you through your marketing growth with its aluminium coated base. Serving as the best investment you make; it will consistently promote your brand at countless events over the years. It comes with a travel bag and customisation options. Distinguish yourself from the crowd and make a lasting impact at trade shows, events, and in-store displays.

Aluminium Anodized Coating with Telescopic Pole: The tabletop banner display stand not only adds to aesthetic appeal but also makes for a lightweight effortless handling. Along with the stand, you'll receive a set of three telescopic poles and a retractable base unit for adjustable spring tension and alignment.

Vibrant Image Clarity through Full-Colour Printing: Our full-colour printing method on 240 GSM paper ensures your prints are of the highest quality, featuring vivid hues, precise details, and a substantial, tactile finish. The 240 GSM paper's thickness and durability are well-regarded for effectively highlighting colours and intricate details.

Spring Mechanism for Easy Assembly: Our retractable banner stands are easy to set up. Just pull-up on one end and set up with the base where you want. The spring mechanism offers effortless assembly with the best alignment.

Travel Bag for Convenient Portability: Our retractable banner comes with a sleek Silverstep travel bag. This bag offers convenience for safe transportation between venues or for storage.

Personalize Your Banner to Reflect Your Style: You can easily upload your own images or graphics for direct printing on your banner stand. You can engage a professional designer for a nominal fee if you desire expert assistance in creating your custom banner.

Various sized Silverstep Retractable Banner Stand has Special Discounts

Various Sizes to choose from: Our retractable banner stands are offered in four predefined sizes, with a template size of 36"W x (69" to 92") H. With a 6” bleed on the bottom, the height can be easily adjusted by cutting the bungee cord. These stands are easily portable for use at various events and locations.

Special Bulk Discounts with Resilient Banner Stands: These banner stands are made keeping in mind the business needs of our customers. They tend to withstand various weather conditions. We also offer exclusive bulk discounts when you purchase two or more banner stands. See the special discounts available for your order and take advantage.

Customized Retractable Banner Stand is Easy to Clean

Easy Maintenance: To preserve the pristine condition of your banner, softly wipe it with a damp, gentle cloth, refraining from the use of any cleaning agents.

So, what else are you waiting for? Go, shop for Silverstep 36'' Retractable Banner Stand today!