Skytube Display Package
  • Skytube Display Package

Skytube Display Package


Package Includes

  • Sky Tube Tapered Circle Hanging Banners (8' x 3')- Qty 1

    Single Side, Graphic with hardware

  • Tower Pop Up Banner (3.28' x 6.56')- Qty 1

    Graphic with hardware

  • Steppy Retractable Bannerstand (30'' x 78'')- Qty 1

    Material Vinyl, Graphic with hardware



Our Skytube display package includes the following features:

  • Premium aluminium frames for easy installation and added durability.
  • Soft carry case to keep the components intact.
  • Range of sizes to choose from.

The Ultimate Advertising Package!

When taking part in a trade show or event, one must ensure that their advertising displays are on point. Without proper displays, one remains out of sight and unable to fulfil any purpose. Therefore, when it comes to choosing the perfect event display, it is our skytube display package that comes to the rescue.

This display package includes three promotional display items for setting up your booth. These items include a Sky Tube Tapered Circle Hanging Banners- 12 x 3, Tower Pop Up Banner- 3 x 6.5, and a Steppy Retractable Banner stand 30 x 78. Once you set up all of these elements, you are able to create an appealing impression on the audience, while making your brand look instantly more visible.

Durable Aluminium Frames Ready to be Installed!

The hanging banners in the package are quite appealing and create an eye-catching display at any event or trade show. Because these are larger in size than normal banners and hang in the air, they create an appealing environment that catches everyone's attention. These hanging banners are installed on a durable aluminium frame that is damage-proof. Furthermore, the weight of the aluminium tubes is very light, making it easy for anyone to hang them without needing help.

Increase Your Brand's Exposure with our Hanging Banners

Our Skytube display kits come bearing three main components that are all highly useful in helping you create an enhanced brand image. The Sky Tube Tapered Circle Hanging Banners- 12 x 3, Tower Pop Up Banner- 3 x 6.5, and the Steppy Retractable Banner stand 30 x 78 are all great for making you more visible at the event.

You can also customise these hanging displays by choosing a different shape or size. When you customise your hanging banners, they give you an edge, putting all the attention on your booth and leaving your competitors' look dull.

Banners that Give You an Added Edge Over Others

Apart from the hanging banner, this package also includes standing banners that are ideal for engaging customers moving around your booth. You can choose to customise these banners with your brand's logo, tagline and graphics for added appeal. What makes these banners ideal for events is that they can be placed both indoors and outdoors.

The fabric used for these banners is windproof, making it ideal for outdoor events. So, no matter how rough the wind is, you can rest assure that your display is making its impact on the audience.


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