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Sky Tube Football Hanging Banners


Our Sky Tube Football Hanging Banner is Made from Durable Aluminium Tube

Want to differentiate your advertising tool from your competitors? Our sky tube football hanging banners will give you that extra edge. These ceiling displays will definitely grab attention and elevate your sales or promotional campaigns. Customise the size or graphics and create your own unique and exclusive display.

The frame of our sky tube hanging banner is made from durable 32MM aluminium tube. This good-quality aluminium makes these hanging banners sturdy and stable. The hardware consists of an extruded aluminium side frame which also includes a curved stabilizer, quarter circle and a curved connector.

The sky tube hanging banners frame comes in three different sizes. The smallest frame is (w x h) 10 x 3.5 feet, followed by 10 x 4 feet and the largest is 12 x 5 feet. The frame is collapsible, can be packed compactly for storage or moving from one venue to another.

The package of our hanging banner also includes a hanging cable, chain, spring, eye hook, large screw, hook loop lock, screw tightener. A 43MM aluminium tube is used to hang the banner, in case it is to be hung over 6MM length. This makes it stronger and secure.

Customisable Graphics Made from Thick Polyester Fabric

The hanging banners graphics are printed using full colour printing. The colours are vivid and the texts clear and sharp. Their graphics have the same measurements as the frames to give a perfect fit. The fabric used to make the graphics is 210 GSM polyester fabric which is thick and long lasting. This is good tension fabric which stretches over the rigid frame completely. The graphic’s have a hidden zip which makes it convenient to pull it over the frame or remove it.

A nylon travel bag is included with our sky tube hanging banner. Since it is light in weight you can easily dismantle the frame and fit it into the travel bag and move it from one place to another or store it till the next use.

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