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Sky Tube Pinwheel Hanging Banners


Our Sky Tube Hanging Banners are Made of Durable Polyester Fabric

When it comes to promoting a brand, one should not leave any stone unturned. Be it making a spectacular display with brand messaging at any event or simply displaying brand name and logo at workplaces, our sky tube hanging banners cater to it all. Customers can use these hanging banners at trade shows, conventions, and many other commercial events. With an eye-catchy design, our sky tube hanging banners are sure to make a lasting impression on visitors and potential customers.

We use durable and sturdy materials to create our sky tube pinwheel hanging banners. Our hardware comprises a 32 mm aluminium tube, which quickly helps in the installation of these banners on the ceiling. Aluminium is also known for its weather and abrasion-resistant properties, making it the perfect choice for both outdoor and indoor displays.

Our premium quality printing material surpasses all expectations regarding the visual appeal of these hanging banners. We use 210 GSM polyester fabric to make our sky tube hanging banners, which provide them with unmatched durability, versatility, and longevity.

We provide our customers with a collapsible extruded aluminium hanging side frame as a part of our package. The package also includes a hanging cable, a nylon travel bag, chain, spring, eye hook, large screw, hook loop lock, and screw tightener. Being a wholesome package, these combined make transportation and installation a cakewalk.

Enhance Brand Presence With Advertisement Banners

We give our customers the option to personalise their banners and increase their brand visibility. There are different personalisation options available to each customer. They can edit the templates uploaded by our designers, create their designs using our design tool, or even upload their unique designs.

For an extraordinary customer experience, these hanging banners can be personalised with different colours, designs, and text of their choice.

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