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Sky Tube Rectangle Hanging Banners


Long-lasting Rectangle Fabric Hanging Banners Made from Sturdy Material

Uniquely crafted to garner attention from all sides of the room, our sky tube rectangle hanging banners are perfect to exhibit your brand or message at an event. Deployed at ceilings for maximum visibility, our rectangle banners have a frame size of 20 ft. x 4 ft. x 10 ft. Designed to meet the eyes of the entire audience, our hanging banners are professional and effective in all aspects.

Crafted from a polyester fabric of 210 GSM, our rectangle hanging banner is made to last long without deterioration. To ensure stability, the package includes a durable hanging frame, hanging cables and hardware parts.

While a 32 mm aluminium tube is used to hang the usual banner, a 43 mm tube is used for deploying a hanging banner of over 6 mm length. Highly portable, the banners can be easily packed and carried in the provided nylon travel bag.

Shipped right at your doorstep, the hanging banners can be easily obtained with just a few clicks. 

Easy to Assemble Hanging Banners for a Lasting Impression

Designed to market your product or services without taking up space, the sky tube rectangle hanging banners can be easily assembled using a collapsible extruded aluminium hanging frame and cables included in the package. Designed for all-around visibility, the banners are a perfect blend of durability and sturdiness.

The package also contains a chain, spring, eye hook, large screw, hook loop lock, screw tightener for deployment. Installed without taking up any floor space, the rectangle hanging banners are sure to attract customers from afar distance.

Buy Multiple Rectangle Hanging Banners to Get a Special Discount

BannerBuzz offers a heavy discount on hanging banners when purchased in large quantities. Upon placing a bulk order, you are entitled to special discounted rates. Hence, order as many banners as possible in one go to increase your savings. Also, you can opt for ‘Priority’ shipping at checkout for quick delivery.