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Skyhook Banner Hanging Hooks Made from Durable Quality Plastic

Attaching banners to any surface can be a bit tedious. Tapes and glues, if used for installing the banners, usually leave a mark. Our skyhooks are an ideal tool to fix your P.O.P. to any smooth surface, without leaving a mark. They can be extremely useful for displaying your banners or posters, especially in trade fairs and offices, to catch the visitors’ attention.

Skyhooks are made from premium-quality plastic which is white in colour. The clear cups that don’t remain visible have excellent holding strength. They are able to sustain the weight of your banner with ease, without slipping. The clear cups almost disappear when attached to a surface making certain that only your poster is visible from the front.

The diameter of the cup’s skyhooks is 2.6” in diameter. With a 66 mm base, they measure 98 mm from top to bottom after installation. Our skyhooks are available in packs of four, which is the required number to hang each banner. This simple, easy-to-use hardware is cost effective too.

Our banner hanging clips are used to attach banners and posters to any flat, smooth, non-oily surface. They can be fixed to tiles, glass, metal, mirror, marble or granite. It is mandatory that the surface is smooth and does not have holes or pores on it.

Simple Knob & Stud-Fastening System in Our Banner Hooks

Each of our skyhooks is equipped with studs and attractive knobs that are used to attach them to any surface. This makes them versatile and ready for use at different spots for displaying the banners. They can be easily installed without much effort, and no glue, nails or screws are required for doing so.

Our banner hanging clips can be used indoors as well outdoors. Made of plastic, they have the capacity to bear a great deal of sun and rain without getting damaged.

Removable & Reusable Skyhooks

Our skyhooks can be easily removed and attached to another place to be used again. These economical banner hanging hooks are a great accessory to give your banner a clean and smooth display. So, order now!