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Standard Hang Tags


Key Features

  • Sturdy Build: Constructed from durable 14 pt. cardstock gloss or matte
  • Enhanced Print Quality: Superior cardstock enhances brand colours and graphics
  • Finish Choices: Select from lustrous Gloss or refined Matte
  • Environmentally Friendly: Produced using sustainable materials
  • Writing Ease: Compatible with oil-based ink ballpoint pens and permanent markers
  • Customisation Availability: Extensive range of design templates and sizes offered

Product Overview

Enhance Your Identity with Standard Hang Tags

Explore the potential of Standard Hang Tags - the perfect fusion of durability and design. Made from solid 14 pt. cardstock paper, these tags are engineered to capture attention and withstand extensive use. The high-grade cardstock not only ensures longevity but also boosts the clarity of printing, allowing your brand's colours and designs to be prominently displayed.

The 14 pt. Cardstock Gloss impresses with its substantial, dense texture, denoting superior quality. Its shiny finish intensifies the clarity of colours, making sure your clothing hang tags or any other product tags sparkle with brilliance. In contrast, the 14 pt. Cardstock Matte emits an aura of sophistication with its smooth, non-reflective finish, offering a sleek and effective branding solution. These conventional standard hang tags for boutique are made with an eye on sustainability, using eco-friendly materials and are designed to create a lasting impact. The thick paper quality ensures smooth writing with a ballpoint pen or marker, facilitating the addition of prices, product details, or custom messages directly onto the tag.

Easily Customised Hang Tags to Your Preference

With our broad range of ready-to-use design templates and a user-friendly designing tool at BannerBuzz, designing personalised standard hang tags is now easier and more enjoyable than before! From adding intricate logos to creating customised messages, you have total control over how your brand is depicted. This customisation isn’t limited to visuals; you can choose the exact size that fits your product flawlessly-ensuring these Premium Hang Tags sync perfectly with your branding strategy.

Eco-Smart Alternatives & Prompt Delivery

At BannerBuzz, we are committed to eco-friendly practices without compromising on quality. Our custom standard size hang tags for clothing are produced from sustainably sourced 14 pt. cardstock paper-showing that high-end luxury and environmental care can coexist.

Additionally, getting these elegant tags delivered to your preferred location is straightforward and efficient. Available in various pack sizes, investing in our high-quality, sustainable tagging options not only improves how customers view your products but also promotes environmental awareness in the retail marketing industry.