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Static Clings


Static Clings Give New Meaning to Advertising

In order to jump ahead of the big sharks in the pool, you need to adopt smart ways to advertise your business. Your mission should be to become the big shark, and not get become its next meal.

If you are a new business that has just opened up amongst the old and more well-known business in the area, you need to use static clings in combination with banners to make your business a known name.

Use Static Clings to Introduce Your Business

For those who do not know what static clings are, they may know them by their alternate names that include, advertising stickers, retail shop window stickers, clear sticker, car yard decal, windscreen stickers, and custom printed window decals.

You can customize the window stickers, adding text, choosing font, selecting a background, and including a logo or an image. We use clear vinyl material to create the sticker. Our stickers will stick to the inside and outside of any glass surface.

You can remove and store the static clings in their package, until you need to use them another time. Our high quality stickers will not damage the surface nor will you have to use a lot of force to peel them from the surface. They are repositionable as well, meaning you can stick them in any position you desire. Begin the Introductions!

Advertise Your Business on the Go

Place the window stickers on your store's windowfront, but also advertise your business when you are out and about. You can place the logo of your business on your personal cars. If you have any cars you use for business purposes, stick one on them as well. Restaurants, especially, need to provide their employees with a custom printed window decal to place on their windscreen.

Invest in Your Business's Growth

Consider the following type of static clings to utilize to advertise your business:

  • Opaque Window Stickers- Indoor and outdoor use on any surface such as wood, metal, wall, and glass
  • Vinyl Window Stickers- Indoor and outdoor use on glass surface and created with waterproof ink to increase the number of uses
  • Frosted Window Film- Increase privacy and is available in different templates and designs
  • Window Lettering Available in multicolour lettering

Let's Get Started!

Once you have picked the type window stickers you want made, you can start the designing process. You won't have to sit with a pen and paper to jot down a design, but we have provided you with the option to design it online, using our online tools. Additionally, you can upload the artwork through our site.

The simple process will allow you to create a design quickly. As soon as you place your order for your customized window sticker, our team of designers will start to create the perfect static cling for your advertising purposes.

Are you ready to say hi to the world? Are you ready to announce your arrival, your upcoming sale, or product in style? If yes, we are waiting for your call.