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Suction Cup Flags - Blade


An effective marketing tool

  • Suction Cup flag is an affordably effective means to spread the word and make your target audience sit up.
  • Our flags can be used in both personal and corporate spaces. Display your messages at car shows, your next promotional event, a business conference or even a networking lunch.
  • We also offer custom suction flags so that you can display the exact message that you want.Or maybe you???d like to show off your brand logo or your club???s emblem.
  • Our suction cup flags are simple to use. Just hold them onto any smooth andnon porous surface, preferably glass, and they???ll attach firmly.
  • Our suction cup flag is available in three shapes: rectangle, teardrop and blade.

Quality, quality and quality

  • All our products are printed using high quality inks - so your message stays put throughout, and continues to give you the attention that you desire!
  • Our suction cup flag features a firm grip, allowing your message to be displayed constantly. Attach these flags to your vehicles, walls and windows easily.
  • We design our products such that the suction mount gives a strong, good hold.
  • Show off with our standard flags or display a tailored message with our custom flag! Place an order today!