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Sweden Flag


Sweden Flags are High-Quality, Customisable and Portable

You may be on the lookout for traditional brand promotion and advertisement methods so your business can reach and attract local as well as international patronage. Expressing your national pride and allegiance using advertising flags is an effective avenue for communication with tourists and foreign dignitaries in need of your goods or services. Our highly visible flags are suitable for use in outdoor places and event stands, and they provide a viable means of expressing your allegiance to Sweden.

Dye-sublimation printing transfers text and images under high temperatures so that gaseous ink infuses into the fabric fibres to create flags with rich hues and sharp details. The graphics feature bright, even shades to deliver exceptional visibility for dark and light colour schemes. Our single-sided Swedish flags show a reflected image with 50 to 60% visibility on the back side. The high-quality flags will maintain a fresh appearance for a long time in service to your business, which saves on the expense of replacements.

Three sizes are available to order, catering to the unique business needs of your small or large company. Finish options such as metal grommets and 3-inch pole pockets at the top and left side offer alternate methods for final setup and display. Different sizes for grommets are available, while pole pockets feature an extra 3 inches of white fabric. Customisation lets your house flags stand out and attract attention from your target audience.

With a graphic weight of 890 GSM, the fabric flags are lightweight to allow for easy handling, folding and hoisting. You can simply carry the Sweden flags to different locales, such as expos, to attract patrons to your business. The flags are easy to use and store, and you can instantly set up wherever appropriate. This portability lets you display the flags in multiple locations to boost returns on investment.

Ready-to-Use Country Flags Require Simple Care

Printed with the Sweden flag's iconic yellow cross on a blue background, the banners are ready to use, saving the time and labour involved with further in-house designing. In a matter of minutes, you can easily raise the flags as the need arises, as installation is tool-free. With enhanced ease of use and reduced setup time, you eliminate expenses for hiring extra hands and equipment, reducing your company’s marketing budget.

Our flags are easy to clean and maintain, allowing for hand and machine washing with mild liquid cleaning agents. We recommend hand-washing to best preserve the quality and extend the lifespan of the fabric. Get the most out of your advertisement flag spend with our washable and reusable product.

Get Discounts for Bulk Sweden Flags Purchases

To fit the budget and unique demands of your company, no matter what size it may be, we provide discounts for bulk purchases ranging from 2 to over 500 Swedish flags. When you order in quantity, you can raise numerous flags at once, drawing attention to your business from all sides. Bulk ordering considerably reduces packing process consumables and simplifies logistics, lowering the overall cost of advertising.

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