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Trade Show Canopy Kit

Trade Show Canopy Kit


Package Includes

  • Trade show canopy kit

    Custom Canopy (10' x 10') - Qty 1

    Graphic with Hardware, Canopy Topper, Back Wall Graphic Single Sided, Side Wall Graphic Single Sided, Rail for Side wall, Travel Bag with Wheels

  • Trade show canopy kit

    Blade Flags (2' x 9.58') - Qty 1

    Single Side, Spike Base, Graphic with Hardware

  • Trade show canopy kit

    Premium White Table Cover (8' x 2.5') - Qty 1

    3 Sided, No Upgradation, Hot knife cut


Our trade show canopy kit includes the following features:

  • Complete customisation options for the canopy kit with hardware.
  • High quality table covers and throws with customisation options.
  • Blade Flags (2' x 9.58') - Qty 1

Make Your Trade Show Display Look Mind Blowing

If you want to grab all the attention towards your booth at a trade show, make use of our trade show canopy kit. This kit includes everything that you need to set-up an appealing booth with a complete set of display for an added oomph. The canopy kit is fully customisable with your desired colours and graphics. You can add your brand's logo, tagline, and message to the canopy and attract attendees without extra efforts.

The canopy kit included in the set comes with back wall graphic display and premium full table covers & throws (2.5' x 8' - 3 sided), that can be customised with your desired graphic. By putting your logo on the back wall and all other components of the kit, you can rest assured that your brand is looking outstanding and gaining the right kind of attention in the trade show.

Create an Aesthetically Appealing Environment within your Booth

What makes our trade show canopy kit so impressive is that it consists of complete booth set-up elements. All you need to do is install them in place and let your brand do the talking. Our trade show kit also includes table throws and covers for the beautification of your booth. You can customise premium full table covers & throws by adding your brand's logo and tag line to them so attendees have a great experience visiting you.

When it comes to decorating your booth, our kit includes everything that you will ever need. By setting up the canopy, table, and stands, you are all set to attract hundreds of trade show attendees to your booth without any added help. You don't even need to decorate your booth with extra banners.

Let Your Creativity Flow Freely

At, we let you design your own custom canopy 10' x 10' kits. We offer complete flexibility to our customers so that they get a perfect final product that makes their brand look flawless. Whether it is the canopy or the side stands, you can customise them all with your desired graphics and message. You can choose the colours of your brand for table throws, back wall, and blade flags (2' x 9.58') for enhanced brand image and visibility.

If you want your booth to be more spacious and less cluttered, our custom canopy 10' x 10' is the best choice. The entire kit comes with easy-to-install aluminium stands and bars so you don't have to struggle to set-up your booth display.