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Triangular Small Micro Geometrix Table Top Display


Durable, High-Quality and Customizable GeoMetrix Display

Getting eyes on marketing material is the goal of your advertising department. As always, the endeavour to find new and novel ways to attract the attention of potential customers is ongoing. GeoMetrix tabletop displays combine artistic, modern design with visual advertisement. Their distinctive appearance draws the gaze and elevates your brand's profile.

Featuring aluminium frames, these table advertising stands have a sturdy support system that keeps them stable. The metal resists corrosion, making the stands suitable for display outdoors and indoors. Stretch polyester fabric is also long-lasting and resilient.

Sublimation printing adds bright, rich colour to fabric, making these marketing table displays stand out and demand attention. This makes them an effective advertising tool in environments such as conventions and trade shows. The graphics are also long lasting and fade-resistant.

Add special instructions to give a personalised look to your GeoMetrix displays. There's also the option to get just the frame for adding your own customised graphics. Alternately, select the graphic only and create a unique type of display.

Table Top Displays are Portable and Easy to Order

Marketing table displays are compact and lightweight, making them easy to pick up and carry from place to place. The frames also take up little space in storage, and they are re-usable to give a good return on investment. Detach the fabric pieces as needed for added convenience.

Order our table advertising stands with ease and choose from multiple shipping options that meet your budget and your timetable. With priority shipping available, you get a quick turnaround time that puts the displays in your hands sooner.

GeoMetrix Displays Available in Bulk

Buy two table top displays or up to 100 to get a discounted rate, helping you stay on budget with your marketing plan. Get the number of displays you need and effectively boost your brand profile.

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