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We are Still Open Window Decals


We are Still Open Decals Are Durable, High-Quality and Customisable

If you run a restaurant, keeping your customers informed about the status of your shutdown while adhering to regulatory laws to ensure safety is important. It's also a good idea to communicate about any services you offer to satisfy demands. Vinyl window decals are a useful and effective external sign for notifying customers about changes to your work schedule in order to streamline operations.

To ensure abrasion resistance, we use a 250-micron thick white vinyl material and a 100-micron monomeric vinyl film to produce the product. This means you may use the opaque window decals outside and be certain that they will stay there for a long time.

Printing at 720 DPI produces sharp, high-resolution images that allow clients to view every detail even from afar. Full colour printing produces bright graphics that ensure your advertising decals are noticed by clients for successful communication.

We provide customisation options so you may tailor your order to your unique requirements. Choose regular sizes from the options or have a custom size made to your specifications. Make sure to give any particular instructions so that the restaurant decals fit your brand. To ensure a longer life, add lamination and UV print to your order.

Ready to Use and Eco-Friendly Vinyl Window Decals

The opaque window decals feature a statement informing guests that, despite dining restrictions, your restaurant is open for business. This gives a ready-to-use solution for communicating brand messaging that you can install in minutes.

We use an eco-solvent printing method that employs non-toxic biodegradable inks to produce our restaurant decals. This guarantees that the product is environmentally friendly, allowing your business to fulfil its social obligations.

We Are Still Open Decals Are Easy to Apply

During installation, use the squeegee tool to remove air pockets and smoothen uneven areas to give your advertising decals a polished finish. The tool is easy to use and offers pressure control, allowing you to apply the decals quickly.

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