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Outdoor Banners

Outdoor Banners


Advertise your services or products to passers-by attracting them towards your business

  • Heavy 16 Oz material recommended for outdoor use
  • High resolution printing with outdoor rated ink
  • Double Hem Double Hemmed Finish:Recommended for large (over 7' wide) and Outdoor banners in high wind (over 15 mph) area. Banners exposed to high wind tend to tear from edges due to high pull force on grommets. With double hem 2MM nylon rope is added around the edges making them 2-3 times stronger
    and wind flap Double Hemmed Finish:Wind flaps are 1/2 cut circles on the banner. It is recommended for large banners exposed to heavy wind condition.
  • Optional lamination for extended protection and life
  • Get the seamless product up to 10ft width or height

Outdoor Banners, Every Occasion's Best Friend!

The versatility of outdoor banners is commendable. We have seen people using our outdoor banners to propose to their partners, throw a surprise birthday party, announce the grand opening of a store, advertise a product or service from afar, and we bet that you can come with more occasions to use the banners.

Our Outdoor Custom Banners Are the Ideal Solution

Can any other company's banner solution provide you a solution as ideal as ours? Other companies may portray their solution as ideal, but the truth of how perfect it is comes out after you have used it a few times.

The banner loses its colour, the text starts to fade, and in the end, what you are left with is an unusable banner. Our solution of custom vinyl banners are the real deal. WE are the real deal! Our prices are affordable and our quality is unbeatable.

The Secret behind Our Best Selling Product

We do not compromise on quality, as we believe in providing our clients with a product they can use for several years. We utilize the latest banner printing technology and the most durable material to provide you with a finished product that will solidify your relationship with us. Even though outdoor banners will last you a good couple of years, you can increase their lifespan by getting them laminated, which we do upon request.

Types of the Custom Vinyl Banners and Their Features

BannerBuzz has the following three types of outdoor custom banners in stock:

1. Pole Banners Attract the crowd to your booth or event from afar.

  • Double and single side options
  • Free bottom and top pockets for pole brackets
  • Weight- 9 oz, 11 oz, and 13 oz
  • Colours: gloss, matte, and grey back and white back

Type of Pole Banners Available

  • Portable tension pole banner stand
  • Duo banner stand
  • Uno telescopic banner stand
  • X-banner stand
  • Twist static banner stand
  • Vortex X banner stand
  • Planet bow

2. Grand Opening Banners Invite people to visit your store or attract people to a sale

  • High resolution printing to print vibrant and bright colours
  • Easy to install and comes with eyelets and hem
  • Canvas and cloth option available
  • Weight- 9 oz, 11 oz, and 13 oz
  • Colours: gloss, matte, and grey back and white back

3. Street Banners Brandish the banner during outdoor rallies and parades

  • Sturdy, UV resistance, and waterproof
  • Pole pockets (optional)
  • Weight- 9 oz, 11 oz, and 13 oz
  • Colours: gloss, matte, and grey back and white back

Advertise Your Brand with BannerBuzz's Outdoor Banners

If you are unsure about the type outdoor banner best suited for your advertising needs, you can contact us. Our representatives will provide you with advice on the type of banner you should use to display your message. You can customize the outdoor banner, choosing pictures, font, logos, and background colour. In a timely manner, we will deliver you your banner so you can start on creating brand awareness or spread awareness about a cause important to you.

Only at BannerBuzz will you find an outdoor banner that truly delivers results.