Polyester Fabric Banners
  • Polyester Fabric Banners
  • Polyester Fabric Banners
  • Polyester Fabric Banners
  • Polyester Fabric Banners
  • Polyester Fabric Banners

Polyester Fabric Banners


Fabric banners are gaining lot of popularity over vinyl banners, especially for indoor uses..

  • High Quality Polyester Fabric
  • Dye Sub Technology
  • Excellent for indoor events and churches
  • Get the seamless product up to 10ft width or height

BannerBuzz offers a range of intricately beautiful and impactful polyester fabric banners that will remain a sight to behold regardless of the years that go by. Made from 100% durable polyester, these can be washed and will remain wrinkle free whether you hang them indoors or out. Since the material does not reflect light, your brand message, logo and designs will remain clear for all to see and photograph to their heart's content if they wish to. The weave is thin and tight which offers excellent printing quality which in turn allows us to incorporate almost any designs on the material. So if you have ideas in the backburner that you never had the courage to implement, send them to us and we'll see what we can do to add them in your polyester fabric banners.

Like all of our signage solutions, these are also extremely easy to set up and take down. Use cords or bungees to fasten them and use string to hoist the corners. The material is quite light so it can also be set up using colourful ribbons if you have them. Clean them regularly and they will remain wrinkle and dirt free for ages.

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