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Billboard Printing


The greatest challenge for small businesses is to get the right attention from its target audience. The goal is to standout from the crowd and to get noticed. With Billboard banner printing by BannerBuzz your business can peak within the shortest time. Our experts have the skills needed to help you launch, brand and market your products and services.

Advertising with Billboard Printing: The Key to Success for Your Business

The aim of using Billboard printing is to create awareness about you among prospective customers. You must use these banners with Billboard advertisements to promote your upcoming campaign, new product or services. This will require the use of proper images, designs and text on personalised banners. The banner must be eye catching and it must define who you are.

Through years of experience BannerBuzz has gathered a team that knows exactly what you need. When it comes to advertising for marketing the print MUST be eye-catching and attractive. We offer the best options and ideas at giveaway prices. Moreover, we have discounts for bulk orders and other deals. These vary with the size of the banner you want.

Get Your Business into the Spotlight

Once you trust BannerBuzz with your Billboard printing job, there is nothing to worry. We make things easier for our customers. Hence we offer a three step process to get your business into the spotlight:

  • Select the size and price you want
  • Customize the design
  • Place the order and receive the products

Billboard Poster Order Size and Price

If you want to place an order for low volumes of billboard posters BannerBuzz has reasonable offers. You can print between one (1) and a hundred and fifty (150) posters at very reasonable discount prices. We also produce Billboards in other sizes e.g. "Skins" which are 48 and 96 sheet backlit Billboards. Our posters are high definition posters for both outdoor and indoor purposes. When used outdoor they don't fade because we use UV stable ink.

At the same time, the ink is waterproof and doesn't get washed away in rain. We make sure the designs have high contrast and greater impact than ordinary posters. BannerBuzz is not inconsiderate of its environment. Therefore, we ensure that our products are eco-friendly.

In addition, because BannerBuzz prioritizes quality and customer satisfaction, we use high quality blue backed billboard poster paper (12gsm). This paper is ideal for application of paste, and less prone to tears. Moreover, it is easier for handling by anyone. We have a team that is skilled and experienced in making the ideal advertising billboard posters.

Our services always reliable and delivery of products is always in time.