Five Great Booth Decor Ideas for Trade Shows

Outdoor events are one of the most prime opportunities to reach out to a bigger audience. If you are a business/brand working on your brand marketing, then trade shows are a good old way of reinforcing your brand and increasing your business leads. But exhibiting at an event involves a lot of smart planning. Your booth set-up is one of the major components that need to be sorted at the very beginning itself. This is crucial to make your booth attractive and stand out. Since there is so much going on at such events, it becomes imperative to make your trade show booth inviting and different. Our list of favorite trade show booth ideas below can help you achieve this:

Five Great Booth Decor Ideas for Trade Shows-Event Display Package
Event Display Package

Making a lasting professional statement at your next event is achievable by adding a retractable banner stand to your booth. Especially known for their capability to display bigger information professionally, it can fit plenty of information, design/logos, etc. The best way to design an attractive graphic for this type of stand is via the use of vivid colors along with clear & readable fonts. Since these banner stands are in the form of a standee, they can be conveniently placed just outside your booth. This will also allow you to attract the right prospects by displaying what you are offering at the very front of your booth. The professional and minimal stand design has always been a win-win for businesses using retractable banner stands at their booth. It can also help you to tackle it all, from your company name to contact information and other details in one place. They are also popularly known as roll-up banner stands and come in the wide base double screen, single screen, and steppy retractable banner forms. Regardless of the form you choose, they will always look professional.

Retractable Banner Stand- Look Professional, Save Your Time and Tackle Big Amounts of Information
Roller Banner Stands
  • Custom Table Covers- Let Your Table Do The Advertising

There’s nothing more unprofessional than an uncovered messy-looking table at an event booth. Trade shows are all about making customers and even a small accessory like the tablecloth can have a big impact on the prospects. Nobody would want to visit a booth that has a messy looking table placed in the center that isn’t adding up to anything at all. So, the best way to go about it is by choosing a custom table cover. A well designed and premium quality table runner will not just turn your ordinary-looking table to a neat booth addition, but it will also help you to keep your event material within your access yet away from the eyes of visitors. For matching different table designs, you can find a variety of cover styles nowadays. From free flowing table runners to fitted table covers, pick what suits your event table needs perfectly. The added benefit of custom printing will allow you to get your logo/message printed on the table cover. This is a great add-on to your promotional strategy and a passive yet very effective way of branding.

Custom Table Covers- Let Your Table Do The Advertising
Customized Table Runner

One of the challenges of exhibiting at an outdoor trade show is that you have to deal with outdoor elements in the form of rain, harsh sun rays, snow, etc. Mother nature is quite unpredictable and as an exhibitor, you need to be equipped with measures to tackle weather woes when exhibiting at an outdoor event. Canopy tents/gazebo tents can help you tackle all this and do more for your business at an event. Set up your unique booth with a good quality custom canopy. This will allow you to cordon off your area from the nearby booths. Besides, you will have access to a lot of graphic space that you can use to promote your offers/logos/design. Gazebo tents make for fun-looking booth set-up. Go for a pop-up tent mechanism that supports telescopic legs to achieve different booth heights. This will save your set-up time. A canopy tent not just makes for a great booth element but also protects you against various outdoor elements too. Although they look big but are very lightweight, durable, and convenient to take down. Be clever with the design elements by making your logo/brand info the hero of your canopy design.

Canopy Tents/ Gazebo Tents- Tackle Weather Woes, Advertise and Cordon-Off Your Space
  • Custom Flags- Compelling Advertising Tool That Won’t Fail You

From mounting them on your vehicles to using them for sponsor events, custom flags are an instant solution for a variety of outdoor and indoor events. These custom flags can make people stop and instantly take notice of your business logo. The fluttering flags will attract people from far away. The bright colors will enhance your advertising efforts all the more. Flags are divided into different styles, sizes, and shapes. Depending upon your event needs or marketing strategy, you can pick from feather flags, teardrop flags, golf flags to a few other styles. Each of these advertising flags can be custom designed and personalized to elevate your marketing goals. Out of all the types, feather flags are practically the most popular form. With their huge size and quirky shape, they are impossible to ignore!

If reinforcing your brand logo is your prime goal at an event, then look no further than step & repeat display. This backdrop can take your logo branding to another level altogether. These display backdrops are most popularly used across red carpet events. But, you can unlock their branding power by using them at any big trade shows too. The repetitive use of logos makes the backdrop very attractive. Besides, the professional and high-quality printed fabric makes your booth stand out. Though, it might not be a perfect choice for those exhibitors who are aiming to blend in with the other exhibitors. Also, step & repeat banner stands should be your first choice for the events that involve photography/videography.

Picking any of these custom printed event displays will have a positive impact on your booth design. For understanding these products in detail with material specifications and price range, please check out today.

Step and Repeat Banner Stands

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